The Craft of Quality

The Craft of Quality

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016 0 comment(s)

Hot Craft Hobby has been selected as the winner of the BEST ART SUPPLIES BRAND OF THE YEAR Award in our special SPOTLIGHT on HK’S MOST INNOVATIVE BRANDS

The craft market in Hong Kong is comparable to those overseas but the potential for growth here is tremendous. While, Hong Kong’s schools are honing aptitude for craft, quality tools to enhance crafting, is showing new promise. Hot Craft Hobby Co., Ltd. is in the forefront of the thrust for better tools, backed by nearly four decades of expertise in the arena of soldering irons and craft heating tools.

“We are ourselves a 39 years old exporter of industrial soldering irons and craft heating tools with factory in China…your typical Hong Kong/China OEM factory,” says Albert Sze, Director of Hot Craft Hobby Co., Ltd.

“We always feel that people in Hong Kong do not have much knowledge about our craft tools. On the other hand, these craft heating tools have been around for so long and that it’s so common in western countries where most people know what the tools are and how they can be used. We have been exporting these craft tools for over 20+ years!

“So, we have been thinking about how we can introduce the craft tools to the local market. We went through brand design, formed this company, hired staff, carefully selecting products to fit into the brand, modifying the product combinations and accessories in order to make the tools easier to use and more attractive to beginner crafters. The retail side of business is completely new for us, but fun to explore.”

Market Applause

“We have successfully introduced a full range of electrical heating craft tools to the local craft market, and it seems everyone is excited because they have not seen anything like our line of products before. We have also successfully introduced our products to more than 150 Hong Kong Secondary Schools.

Backed by a 39 year old exporter cum own factory, we are able to lead in pioneering products, quality and safety. Plus, we are always in touch with first handcraft trends in the field, where we can add value to our product development for the brand.”

Days Ahead

“Hong Kong craft market is still very small and so we are looking to bring our brand into the big potential China market. We are really committed to what we do. We remain with our core business of electrical heating tools for 39 years, so we have became experts in it. This brand is lucky to be backed by our own office and factory, including marketing, product development, engineering, quality, and most importantly our top management. We give full support to this new brand. Being the first company in this category to win the prestigious HKMVC Award is a humbling moment for us. With this motivation, we will go on to greater levels of service to our markets and to customers in Greater China and then eventually, world-wide,” concludes Sze.

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