Hot Craft Hobby 
We are the official distributor for the Hot Craft Hobby® brand of products. 

The Hot Craft Hobby designers have accumulated years of experience and brought together a professional line of craft heating tools to crafters who share the same passion for quality tools. The range is very focused, yet broad, and we keep introducing new products. Tools are easy and fun for beginners, and also of superior quality for professional crafters.


We are based in the fascinating city of Hong Kong. We have a special team introducing the tools to schools in Hong Kong. We have been to over 70% of secondary schools in Hong Kong! Schools are using our line of heating tools in their visual arts classes and some students are using our tools to create artwork for public exams too!  We also run a lot of workshops.  Call for details.



Hot Craft Hobby Mission 
The designers of the Hot Craft Hobby® brand want to bring the fun and joy of Pyrography to all ages.  In addition, we break through traditional barriers and made heating tools easy and simple to start a project, so as to attract the younger generation to pick up hot crafts. We want to encourage the young generation to express their minds, and create hot crafts work piece with modern themes, and be able to proudly say " I Made It Myself! "